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And that’s just a sampling. Clover offers plenty of other apps to help organize employee and customer data, print receipts and tickets, and more. They’re also adding new apps all the time, so it’s functionality is ever-increasing.

Life in the Cloud

“Cloud” has become such a buzz word lately that it’s meaning can sometimes get lost. So what does “cloud-based-software” mean for a merchant. Simple; the Internet. The cloud is where your email lives, it’s where you check your bank account balance, and it’s where your Facebook photos are stored. When data is kept online rather than in a computer’s hardware, you can access it from anywhere. This means all of your orders are synced to all of your stations, and you access everything from a web browser–even on your smartphone. And since no sensitive data is stored within Clover itself, your system is outside the scope of PCI compliance and your customer’s card information is safe.


Clover’s NoshList integration allows you to notify customers when their table is ready through customizable texts or phone calls. In addition to giving you an easy way to manage your waitlist, it offers powerful analytics and seating metrics.

Happy Hour 

This little app does far more than just happy hour. It allows you to automate time-sensitive price changes on your entire menu. In addition to making the standard 5-7 specials easy, it also lets you get creative. Whether you want to offer $5 burgers after 10 PM or 1/2 off vanilla lattes on Wednesdays, Happy Hour has you covered.


The ultimate app for full service restaurants. Manage tables, servers, create bar tabs, and group orders by individual guest. Party switch tables? No problem. Want to know exactly who ordered which apps? Tables tells you.

Cash Log

Simple but absolutely vital. Keep track of who rung up what, in addition to manager drawer actions like adding and removing cash.

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Fancy, huh? From designers that worked on Tesla and Dr. Dre Beats, Clover’s basically the cadillac of POS systems. The smooth lines paired with white glass and brushed aluminum make a for a very eye-catching station. Clover isn’t just attractive, though–it’s also extremely functional. The patent-pending swivel arm allows you to spin Clover’s tablet around to face your customer when it’s time for them to sign.

The Clover POS is an all-in-one system with tablet-mentality that serves as a cash register as well as a terminal. So what makes it particularly useful for restaurants and retail? Applications. Clover allows you to do a lot more than process payments. Clover’s Android-based software allows you to download a variety of helpful apps from their App Market that offer all the functionality you could ever need...



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Charity Check Out

Encourage customers to give back when you accept small $1 or “round-up” donations. Direct your donations to the ever-growing list of partners include World Food Program, Doctors Without Borders, Stand Up To Cancer and more.


This revolutionary app is a game-changer for bar owners. Partender turns the agonizing task of taking liquid inventory into something that’s–dare I say it–kind of fun. By simply swiping through images of bottles and tapping what level the liquor is at, you can not only track your booze down to the mL and dollar value, but you can cross-reference with your sales so know where every drop is going.


Input retail items into organized categories along with modifiers (size, color, etc), and manage them directly from the screen. Tell Clover to give you a reminder to reorder when stock is low, or when perishable items are about to expire.


Like a sticky note inside the screen, the Notes app allows employees and managers to leave messages without worrying about them getting knocked on the floor. It can be quickly edited with a double tap, or moved around by simply dragging it to a new part of the screen.

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