Support quick reference guide:

Omaha Help Desk/Tech Support-­‐800-­‐228-­‐0210

HelpDesk/Customer Service-­‐800-­‐858-­‐1166

Nashville Help Desk-­‐800-­‐647-­‐3722

Cardnet/North Help Desk-­‐800-­‐346-­‐3315

Memphis Buypass Help Desk-­‐800-­‐733-­‐3322

Memphis Help Desk-­‐800-­‐238-­‐7675

Vital Help Desk-­‐800-­‐847-­‐2737

North Help Desk-­‐877-­‐274-­‐7915

Sage Help Desk-­‐800-­‐261-­‐0240

Secure Net Help Desk-­‐301-­‐231-­‐0000

First Data Charge back Dept-­‐800-­‐672-­‐5007

American Express

American Express(Source Code 0447) / Internal Use-­‐800-­‐297-­‐1020


American Express Fax#-­‐602-­‐744-­‐8880


Discover / Merchant Support-­‐800-­‐347 6673

Wright Express & Voyager WEX Help Desk-­‐800-­‐842-­‐0071

Voyager Help Desk-­‐800-­‐987-­‐6591

Paragon-­‐800-­‐322-­‐5771 Fax#-­‐678-­‐714-­‐0155


Tele check Customer Service (ChannelCode158)-­‐800-­‐733-­‐1132

Tele check Download #-­‐800-­‐927-­‐0655 Option3,Option1

Customer Service E-Merchant View

Password Resets-­‐800-­‐337-­‐1222,Option3,Option1

Service Center Web

Password Resets-­‐800-­‐337-­‐1222,Option3,Option2

Your Pay Password Resets-­‐888-­‐477-­‐3611x41 Support Line-­‐877-­‐447-­‐3938

PC Charge Support Line-­‐877-­‐659-­‐8981

Client Line Help Desk-­‐800-­‐285-­‐3978,option2

Merchants First Data Global Gateway, (please have your merchant ID available) Tel: +1 888-477-3611

First Data Global Leasing Tel: +1 877-257-2094

First Data Payment Software Tel: +1 800-365-1998

Prepaid Services Support Tel: +1 877-848-8970

​Secure Transport Vendor Integration Tel: +1 866-351-9981

TeleCheck Support Tel: +1 800-TeleCheck (+1 800-835-3243)

Financial Institutions

Card Issuing, Signature Debit, Heath Care Support Tel: +1 800-337-1222

Data and Analytics Support Tel: +1 800-337-1222

Debit Card and ATM Help Desk Tel: +1 877-866-7827

Instant Cash (existing clients) Tel: +1 800-641-0035

Online Banking Tel: +1 800-421-1105

STAR Help Desk Tel: +1 877-866-7827

Government AgenciesAccessNet/Telepath/EIC Application Support Tel: +1 800-747-1374FDGS

(Govconnect) Application Support Tel: +1 800-747-1374

govONE State Tax Application Support Tel: +1 800-332-4125

Higher Education Support Tel: +1 800-747-1374 Option 2

remitONE Tax Application Support Tel: +1 800-281-6570

State EFT Tax Application Support Tel: +1 800-281-6570

Transit Support Tel: +1 800-747-1374 Option 2

​Treasury Support Tel: +1 800-747-1374 Option 2

Visa/Mastercard Class action settlement

For Questions regarding the visa/Mastercard class Action suit you may call 1-866-998-2835 or call 1-800-625-6440 or or visit



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