Pick from our registered or non- registered independent sales organization program where either way, you get the pro's on your side. We help you in becoming your own 800 pound gorilla. 

Your advantages are great with us, we save you the time, money, and costly lessons of developing your own infrastructure. We offer you our powerful tools, technology, resources, alliances, support, and infrastructure so you can focus on building your portfolio.

As a team, we help move you to becoming the enterprise you can become. 

  • Higher Residual per merchant with our product line
  • We plug you into our world of portals, automation,                 systems, sales forces and marketing tools.
  • Track all Merchants, Agents, Sub-Agents, Partners
  • Track and control merchant pricing, fees, cancellation fee
  •  ISO Support Relationship Manager 
  • 24/7 Technical & Customer Support
  • Website & Marketing Material 
  • Weekly Training Seminars for your agents
  • The list goes on and on....  

As an independent sales agent you receive initial and ongoing training and support from industry veterans to help you grow quickly. 

We nurture our team until they can fly. Our powerful agent portal and back end allow you to concentrate on what you do best. 

  • On Going Training & Support
  • Weekly Online Seminars & Training
  • Free Website & Business Cards 
  • Stay plugged in with out free IP phone
  • Earn a true Residual Income share & Bonus
  • Residual buy out option 
  • Track everything, anywhere, anytime  ​
  • We do all RFP's, Statement Analysis & Proposals
  • Assistance with closing your clients 
  • Submit applications Online
  • 24/7 access to residual reports, applications,          etc...
  • 24/7 Technical & Customer Support 

  • Independent Sales Organization (iso) ​ 

Four programs to suit you 

We provide you and your organization with all the tools, resources and support for you to offer a hub of reliable, efficient and latest merchant service solutions.  

 With us you can grow without the overhead and cost of growing. Take advantage of the powerful tools we have created to automate and over deliver on our promises to provide the best merchant service products and service in the industry.

Partners & Careers 

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We love our referral partners and they love us. We offer a way to earn an additional income by maximizing services offered to the same customer.

This happens simply without any added cost or hassle. our referral partners get to simply refer us and receive a commission. This commission can be a flat bonus or a monthly residual.

Our partners consist of web developers, IT professionals, Real Estate Agents, Insurance Agents, Bankers, or any professional who's clients are businesses. 

  • Earn additional revenue from current & new             clients
  • Maximize earnings per customer
  • Offer a service that goes hand in hand with               yours
  • Show your customers you have                                      reliable solutions ​
  • More referrals and better customer retention 
  • We do all the work 
  • 24/7 Customer & Technical support for clients
  • ​Create a passive income stream for a better life

As a bank, credit union, or other financial institution, you can now offer the most reliable, secure, and competitive merchant service solutions to your customers without added costs to you. 

Our program is a huge advantage for any financial institution who wants to continue to adapt and compete in the banking and commerce market. Bring on the added income and better customer service experience without the added cost.

You are assigned a team who will design, structure, and implement your new merchant services program offering you a turn key entrance into this space.

  •  Offer your customers all our merchant service                   solutions 
  •  Add a no cost additional income stream
  •  Boost customer satisfaction and retention 
  •  Your business customers need these services 
  • Offer free live online access to statements, batches,         etc...
  • Offer 24/7 Customer and Technical Support 
  •  Simply act as a sales channel and leave all the                   serving  up to us
  •  Special Relationship Manager for your organization
  • Use our system to track in house sales by banker
  • Plug into our systems for synchronized servicing and    communications pertaining to your customers.