6+ Billion APPROVED

Visa/ Mastercard

Class Action suit 

Notice of a $6+ billion dollar class action settlement with merchants who have accepted Visa and MasterCard at any time since January 1, 2004. 

If you accepted Visa/Mastercard cards through your merchant account since January 1, 2004 through November 28, 2012, you may be eligible to receive payment from this fund. Contact us to Learn more or visit www.paymentcardsettlement.com

You may file your claim and contact the payment card settlement department who is the official claim department for this case as well. Direct Bancard simply make it easier by handling the claim process for you. 

business capital funding

Our fast alternative to traditional business loans has help thousands of merchants nationally grow their business and even prevent the doors from closing! Our loans are not based on the same criteria that banks use to determine qualification.

If you own and business that accepts credit cards, you are 99% likely to be approved. Our loans take up to 24-48 hours for approval, and get funded within 7 days. Loans up to 1 million have been approved for qualified merchants. Contact us to find out more and to determine quickly if your business can take advantage of this awesome loan program.    

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Our E-Commerce gateways are developer friendly and allow you to integrate your shopping cart directly. Accept all major credit credit cards, direct ACH transactions using customer bank account and routing number. Accept all payments from any computer with our free add on virtual gateway. We use only trusted, PCI DSS, secure gateways and back ends. 

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Analysis & Strategy

Our experts are skilled with a variety of analysis's, industry, and technical knowledge and expertise to identify tools, technology and processes to bring your individual business or enterprise to automation and efficiency.

Schedule a free consultation to learn about new tools and technology per your specific industry that are a must have, to stay up to date in our fast changing and demanding marketplace.  

Interactive Voice Response (ivr) 

Integrate an IRV solution into your merchant account and allow your clients to pay you faster and improve customer experience. An ideal way to decrease costs and create automation. Simply choose your menu prompts, include product, account, or  any specialized characters to identify what your customers are paying for. Ideal for checking status or confirmations on orders and shipping, making payments for hotels, airlines, college classes and much more... Accept all cards by phone and swing into the mobile age. 

       ATM & bill Payment 

If your looking for a terminal that dispenses cash (ATM), no problem. We offer ATM sales, service, and cash logistics nationally. If you want to step into the self service world of multi-functionality kiosks like bill payment, gift & loyalty card issuance, web browsing, and other special functions, that make an elite customer experience, well, we're glad your here.

merchant solution dashboard 

Desktop terminal solutions 

Choose from our selection of no cost top performing and secure PCI DSS compliant terminals. All IP compatible for speedy transactions and less cost.

Accept payments from your customers securely, and receive next day fundingA free powerful online reporting portal with access to statements, batches, and information you should be able to access 24/7. 

more than Mobile processing... 

A 100% white label, customizable mobile processing application. With all the functionality you need, our preferred application can be used for a single user, up to 1000 users per merchant account and/or bank account. Full online real time reporting by user and other custom reporting filters. 

meet clover 

From designers that worked on Tesla and Dr. Dre Beats, the Cadillac of Mercedes of POS systems arrives. What do restaurants and specialty retail stores have in common? They’re both a perfect fit for a Clover POS system. Also ideal for retail and virtually any type of business.  

The Clover POS is an all-in-one system with tablet-mentality that serves as a cash register as well as a terminal. So what makes it particularly useful for restaurants and retail? Applications. Clover allows you to do a lot more than process payments. Clover’s Android-based software allows to download a variety of business apps from their App Market...